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Massage technques


Massage Techniques is NOT compatable with the first generation iPAD. If you have a later iPAD, and the app won't open, you must upgrade your operating system to iOS 6.01.

horse anatomy   If the labels become mis-aligned with the 3d model, please completely restart the application. Do this by double clicking the home button, swipe the task bar until you find the app... touch and hold the icon until it starts wiggling, then touch the x button. Press the home button to return everything to normal, then find the icon for the app in it's normal spot and re-open it. Everything should work fine.


If your app is crashing, please make sure your phone is updated to the newest iOS operating system, and that you have downloaded the latest version of the application by checking the app store under the updates tab.

Try restarting your device by holding down the physical bottom on top of the device until you get the screen that asks to slide to turn off. Restarting the device will clear the memory and may resolve the issue.

If your app is still crashing, it has probably become corrupted during the download. We recommend re-downloading it from itunes and trying it again. All our apps have been extensively tested, and should rarely crash. To do this, delete the app from your phone AND your computer. Go back to itunes, and go purchase the app again... it will inform you that you have already purchased the app, and start downloading it again for free.

If you have found a spelling mistake or an inaccuracy in one of our anatomy products, please let us know by sending us an email with the specific complaint. We appreciate your help to make our products perfect.

We are glad to help. Send us an email...

Click the link at the bottom of this page to send us an email. Please include which app you are having difficulty with, which device you are using, and which operating system you are running.


Phone: (888) 505-5511 direct dial: (805) 898-1539 Images for Retailers