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Homeopathy is based on the principle that, "like cures like," or the Law of Similars founded by Dr Samual Hahnemann, the German physician who fathered the art of homeopathy in the early nineteenth century. "If a medicine administered to a healthy person causes a certain syndrome of symptoms, that medicine will cure a person who presents similar symptoms."

The following is a list of homeopathic remedies that may be used in conjunction with massage therapy:

Arnica Montana-9C - 3 pellets, 3 x per day-suitable for various types of trauma and muscular strain.
Characteristic signs and symptoms- painful muscles; the bed feels hard because of muscular fatigue; condition is aggravated by the slightest touch; skin bruises of traumatic origin. Even for slight falls, use Arnica right away to prevent bruising and complications.

Main clinical uses: aftereffects of various types of trauma; sprains, painfully healing fractures, bruising, muscular aches, the prevention of post surgical complications and the consequences of prolonged effort; training for sports.

Arnica comes in oral form ie. pellets or pills and a gel that may be applied topically. Another brand name is called TRAUMEEL whose primary ingredient is Arnica.

Magnesia Phosphorica-9C - 3 pellets, 3x per day
Characteristic signs and symptoms- Spasms; severe crampy abdominal pains, improved by doubling up and applying heat and pressure.

Main clinical uses: Facial neuralgia; toothache; writers cramp; abdominal pain or cramps; menstrual period pains; sciatica.

Bryonia Alba- as above
Characteristic sign and symptoms- Sharp pains (in the head, lumbar region, around the liver, in the joints, etc.); dryness of the mucous membranes; damage to the joint ligaments; water on the joint; symptoms aggravated by the slightest movement and relieved by external pressure.

Main clinical uses: fatigue, body aches; rheumatism; lumbago; a sharp pain in the side; pleurisy; hydrarthrosis ("water on the joint") or abundant flow of synovial fluid in a joint cavity.

Rhus Toxicodendron- as on pkg.
Suitable for consequences of overexertion; rheumatic pain and inflammation improved by motion.; fatigue due to excessive muscle strain, stiffness or epicondylitis.

Characteristic signs and symptoms- joint stiffness; swollen painful joints, aggravated by start of motions and improved by continuing movement; joint pains aggravated by exposure to wet cold; itchy, fluid-filled (vesicular) rashes; dreams of tiring exercise.

Main clinical uses: Generalized body pains and stiffness; sprain; tendonitis; joint pain; excess muscle fatigue; lumbago; sciatica.

Ruta Graveolens- 9C 3 pellets- 3 x per day
Characteristic signs and symptoms- Bruising pain all over; bone and tendon pain with contractures, particularly in the thighs and wrists.

Main clinical uses: Traumatism to a ligament; stiffness and contusion in the limbs and joints; tendonitis; wrist pain; lumbago; sciatica; muscle strain and sprains.

Rescue Remedy- actually a Bach Flower Essence including the following: Cherry Plum, Clemantis, Impatiens, Rock Fose and Star of Bethlehem- comes in a cream from that may be used topically on burns, stings, sprains or even as a massage cream.

The above is a partial list of available remedies. Homeopathic preparations may be used without fear of complications or side effects.