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Pectoralis minor entrapment  


Pectoralis Minor entrapment is characterized by pain down the arm, and possible weakness. A tight pectoralis minor pressing down on the brachial plexus causes this pain. Often times the involved shoulder is brought anterior and inferior. To address the pectoralis minor we will use ischemic compression, stretching, Muscle Energy Technique and ice. It is important to note that in cases where there is a great deal of soreness, we must be careful not to over-stimulate the area. Use caution and be gentle, only building the intensity of the sessions as you know the tissue can handle it.

TEST: Palpate the radial pulse at the wrist and extend and externally rotate the arm. An obliteration of the pulse indicates neuro-vascular entrapment. Neurovascular entrapment causes pain on the radial side of the arm.

pecminor treatmentTREATMENT:
Apply static pressure to the pectoralis minor just inferior to the corocoid process.
Cross fiber friction the attachment at the ribs.
Stretch by pushing the shoulder into the table, or externally rotating the arm.
If there is a great deal of tingling or numbness with stretching, then only move the arm to the position just before the patient feels it, and perform an isometric contraction of 20% their strength for 15 seconds. Do this three times and watch the range of motion increase each time.
Retest & ice, before the client gets off the table. This is especially important because the nerves may be irritated.

Our DVD, Nerve Mobilization shows detailed nerve tension tests in the this region with precise treatments application. The DVD Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy, The Torso also shows detailed work on this area.