Learn to give a wonderful foot and hand massage incorporating reflexology! This informative video covers 8 lessons that teach you how to give a great foot and hand Reflexology session.

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Lesson 1: History of Reflexology
Lesson 2: Working the 10 foot zones
Lesson 3: Working the organ reflexes
Lesson 4: Working the gland reflexes
Lesson 5: General foot massage
Lesson 6: Working the 10 hand zones
Lesson 7: Working the organ reflexes on the hands
Lesson 8: Working the gland reflexes on the hands



Taught by Geri Riehl, co-founder of Real Bodywork. Geri is a licensed massage therapist, and taught Swedish Massage and Reflexology for many years at the Body Therapy Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Her gentleness and spiritual warmth are reflected in her work.