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Learn to use Shiatsu to treat back and neck pain, with advanced assessment tools and meridian pairing techniques. This comprehensive online video class covers the majority of the primary meridians, and includes multiple sequences that you can use to vary your work on each client. It also includes Back-shu Points, Ashi points, evaluation in terms of excessive or deficient, chi or blood stagnation, a meridian review and much more.

MASSAGE TODAY SAYS: “John Hickey, a licensed acupuncturist with over 20 years’ experience in teaching and practicing shiatsu, has done us a great favor in producing this educational video. Clinical Shiatsu is a well-organized source of information that teaches shiatsu and dealing with pain in the shoulder, neck and back… There is so much information that viewing the video footage several times is a must.”
“9.95 out of 10”

INSTRUCTOR: John Hickey, licensed acupuncturist, has been teaching and practicing Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine for over 20 years. He practices and teaches Shiatsu in Carpinteria, California.


1 Introduction

Length: 19 minutes

Discusses how to determine deficiency or excess in a meridian. Then explains the concept of meridian pairing and how to apply that to a treatment. Finally he discusses the differences between blood and chi stagnation.

2 Shiatsu technique

Length: 11 minutes

This lesson includes how to walk on the floor, plus various techniques including: Cutting technique, rotating technique, ordinary pressure, Intermittent pressure, soothing technique, and sustained pressure.

3 General Sequence

Length: 20 minutes

Basic evaluation of the meridians, then how to use the various techniques in a flowing sequence. This twenty minute lesson guides you through the first and general shiatsu routine.

4 Neck and Shoulder Sequence

Length: 15 minutes

This lesson shows how to apply techniques to the meridians in the neck and shoulder, evaluating each meridian along the way.

5 Headache pain guide

Length: 1 minutes

This lesson shows that by evaluating the location of a headache, you can determine which meridian to work on.

6 Lower back sequence

Length: 12 minutes

The lower back routine for back pain. After the main sequence, there are two sequences shown. One for directly working on the back, and the the for working distally if the back is too sensitive to take pressure.

8 Meridian review

Length: 11 minutes

Basic meridian theory, along with details of the location of each meridian.

Heart Meridian

Length: 4 minutes

This lesson shows how to perform shiatsu on the heart meridian.

Kidney Meridian

Length: 4 minutes

This lesson shows how to apply shiatsu to the kidney meridian

Liver Meridian

Length: 5 minutes

This lesson shows how to apply shiatsu technique to the liver meridian.

Stomach Meridian

Length: 4 minutes

This lesson shows how to apply shiatsu to the stomach meridian