hot stone massage class

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Includes both our Healing Stone Massage DVDs 1 and 2.  This hot stone massage class will show you everything you need to know to begin your hot stone massage practice. You will learn about the various types of stones, textures and shapes as well and the benefits and cautions related to stone therapy. Then Carollanne Crichton will lead you through a basic hot stone massage utilizing foundation layouts and hot stone massage techniques. She clearly shows where to lay each stone, and gives the reasoning behind the size and placement of the stones. She will lead you step by step through the entire routine.

After addressing some frequently asked questions, Carollanne then shows a cool moonstone facial massage. This can be incorporated into an actual facial, or done on its own. The innovative use of cool stones is an amazing addition to any hot stone practice. Cool and warm stones can be used together to give an incredible stone massage session.

Next Carollanne introduces six advanced restorative protocols that cover a variety of dysfunctions. In each protocol you will learn how to evaluate your client, and then where to place the stones to benefit each dysfunction. Finally she shows how to trace each meridian to help balance the body. These protocols are advanced stone massage techniques that will help any stone massage therapist’s practice. These protocols also take the stone massage and make it unique. If you are wanting to really master this art, then Carollanne’s stone massage will reveal incredibly creative uses that you may have not thought of before.

The next series of lessons include  five routines that include creative uses for hot stones in many situations. The hot stone sports massage routine shows how to use stones in a pre-event sports massage, as well as tennis elbow, knee pain and shoulder issues. This includes hot and cold stones at the same time for joint pain. For each joint, Carollanne shows creative uses for the stones that you can use in your practice. The Pregnancy massage routine uses hot stones in a side posture massage and is great for anyone who has difficulty laying on their back. The Meridian hot stone massage routine provides a foundation layout for the legs in side-posture, and traces 3 meridians in the legs. The Detoxification routine shows a light-touch stone massage focusing on the lymphatic system and increasing venous return. The Restorative routine shows 3 restorative postures and how to use hot stones to increase relaxation while the client lays in a relaxing yoga pose on the table. This is unique work that will enhance your current stone practice!


Carollanne Crichton has been practicing stone massage for over 20 years. She has pioneered stone massage when it was just becoming popular. She taught stone massage around the country, helping to popularize the modality as it became popular in spas. She loves to incorporate stone massage into other modalities like sports massage, meridian therapy, and side posture. She is a skilled Ayurvdic practitioner, Yoga instructor and massage therapist with a great love for healing.


Introduction to hot stone massage

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Easy

This lesson shows describes the basics of hot stone massage, including contraindications, uses for the types of heat, options to heat the stones, the different types of stones,

Basic Hot Stone Massage sequence

Length: 40 minutesComplexity: Easy

using hot stones to perform massage

This 40 minute lesson shows how to perform the basic hot stone massage technique to the whole body. This includes how to perform layouts (stones under the body and on top), as well as massage techniques using the stones. Filmed in Santa Barbara on the ocean. Beautiful!

Cool Moonstone Facial

Free Preview

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

This lesson shows how to use cool moonstones on the face to cool and calm the mind.

Restorative Protocols

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

The lesson shows how to use hot stones to trace the meridians. The indications for each meridian are discussed, then how to trace the meridian is shown. Includes the lung, bladder, spleen, liver and and kidney meridians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Easy

This lesson covers some common misconceptions and frequently asked questions regarding stone massage.

Advanced meridian techniques

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

This lesson includes more work on the meridians with advanced stone technique, including more layouts, rolling and specific points.

Restorative yoga postures and hot stones

Length: 9 minutesComplexity: Easy

This shows how to position your client in various restorative yoga postures on the table, and how to incorporate hot stones with the postures.