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Thai massage online class

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Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Standard

thai massage man with arms outstretched

This lesson includes the history of thai massage, the various positions of the receiver, and the correct positioning of the giver. General principles are discussed.

Prone sequence

Length: 32 minutesComplexity: Standard

Thai massage stretch

This lesson shows how to apply thai massage techniques to the posterior body. This includes detailed foot, leg and back work. The technique focus both on the meridians (bladder meridian) and working the muscles.

Supine lower body sequence

Length: 55 minutesComplexity: Standard

Thai massage on the hamstrings

This lesson includes thai massage techniques with the client face-up. This includes work on the anterior thigh and belly, and well as the hamstrings and adductor muscles. The focus is both on the muscles and the sen lines (meridian lines).

Supine upper body

Length: 50 minutesComplexity: Standard

Thai massage on the arm

This lesson focuses on the belly, arms, chest and neck. At each point, Rick gives specific instructions and demonstrates the techniques. The focus is both on the sen lines and the muscles.

Side posture sequence

Length: 37 minutesComplexity: Standard

Thai massage in side posture

This lesson demonstrates thai massage in side posture. Many practitioners have difficulty in side posture, but it is an incredibly efficient way to work. Rick demonstrates working on the legs, torso and arms. Almost all the body can be covered with the client on their side, and it is very relaxing for the client. This position is also useful for pregnant women who can’t lay face-up.

Seated sequence

Length: 22 minutesComplexity: Standard

neck strech thai massage

The seated sequence mainly focuses on working and stretching the client’s torso, with some neck work. It is a useful position to stretch the client and is sometimes used at the end of the session to help the client transition to the session completion.