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This is our basic swedish massage video. If you want to learn basic massage techniques, this is the video that your should watch. This video shows 3 massage routines utilizing 90 techniques. You will learn a clothed compression routine, Swedish relaxation sequence, and a detailed muscular sequence. Contraindications, using oil, appropriate draping and self care for the practitioner are included. Each technique is clearly shown with a description, intention, and common mistakes. If you want to expand your current techniques, or are starting from the beginning, this video is for you!


Donna Sunday is a practicing massage therapist, and has taught at a College level massage training course at Santa Barbara City College.


Compression massage

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

Learn how to give a compression massage. Compression is a very useful technique in any massage, and can be applied over clothing in a public event (such as a sporting event).

Relaxation sequence

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

A general full body sequence that focus on effleurage (long stroke), petrissage, and kneading strokes. These are the basic Swedish massage strokes that can be applied to the whole body.

Muscular massage sequence

Length: 35 minutesComplexity: Easy

This sequence shows a variety of techniques to worker more specifically into each muscle over the entire body. It includes techniques not shown in the relaxation sequence.