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TEST FOR WRIST FLEXION: Flex the wrist and note the end-feel. Hard/empty indicates joint restriction, soft indicates muscle restriction.

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Client supine. Therapist stands at the side of the table facing the clients head.
1. Compression. Apply rhythmic compression to the back of the forearm with the hand closest to the body.
2. Static pressure. Apply static pressure with a fist or palm to the back of the forearm.
3. Static pressure with movement. While maintaining pressure, use you outside hand to gasp the forearm and move the wrist into flexion, then back to neutral. Repeat several times.
4. Static Pressure with active motion. Apply pressure with both hands to the posterior forearm while the client flexes and extends their wrist.
5. Active resistance. Release pressure on the forearm. Move wrist gently into flexion. Client resists with 10% of their strength for 8 seconds. Relax, wait two seconds, move to the next barrier and repeat. Be gentle, the wrist is very vulnerable in this position.
6. Move the joint through the full range.
8. Retest.

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